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 Paper funnel
Name: Paper funnel

Operations section :

  The foreign matter produced during the paint production process is fully filtered when stored and colored.

Product Features:

 Paint filtered through a paper funnel does not produce bubble hair defects during spraying, and the spray paint effect is better.


paper:White, high white whole wood pulp paper.

      Adhesive:Aquatic glue.

filter:Single silk polyester fiber Non-toxic skin direct contact!190Micron 、110micron 、125Micron、260Micron.

colour: White(rice white)


Over 12 months shelf life under fully dry sealing condition.

Use environment:

In-room use.

Conditions for use:

Primer, metal powder, we recommend the use of 190Micron and 260Micron, special color paint recommends 125Micron or higher density filtration, paper funnel filter paint while hard material can not be stirred in the funnel, To avoid unnecessary losses caused by separating the filter from the paper adhesive site, reuse and non-recycling are not recommended. Cherish the earth's resources, do not waste!

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